Timely Antiques

Clock Repair and Clock Sales

Timely Antiques is owned and operated by Philip Coggon. Philip has over 30 years experience in repairing, restoring, rebuilding and servicing antique clocks of all types.  He is based in Fort Collins, Colorado and sees customers in his home or at their location by appointment only.  He is located near Lemay, south of Harmony and is typically available seven days a week during daylight hours.  Call Philip at 970 224 2576.

Currently, he can see you today or as soon as you wish.  Turn around will be prompt.

Clock repair is a passion for Philip.  The usual need is for a cleaning/oiling and tune up.  He gives free estimates, there is no obligation for this work.  Cuckoo Clocks are also a specialty as are Anniversary (400 day) Clocks. Grandfather Clocks usually require a house call.  This takes about an hour.

Please contact Philip if you wish to have a clock serviced or are interested in purchasing one of his restored clocks.  970 224 2576.

Things said about Philip by satisfied customers:

“Philip has an intimate knowledge of many antique clocks, including my Pennsylvania Grandfather’s clock built in 1790. One day it stopped working. After a careful examination, the movement was refurbished and restored to good working order. He clearly has a passion for older clocks and obviously enjoys repairing them.”     Steve Gitt

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