Timely Antiques

Clock Repair and Clock Sales

Timely Antiques is owned and operated by Philip Coggon. I have over 35 years experience in repairing, restoring, rebuilding and servicing antique clocks of most types

 For clock repair, Call or Text me at 970 217 0605

I will typically be able to see you the day you call or soon afterwards at your convenience!  I am available 7 days a week.  Call to confirm my availability.  Call Philip at 970 217 0605.  If you text, add a photo if you can.  It helps me assess the clock!

I am available seven days a week 8 am to 5 pm.  As I work out of my home I am not available every hour! Give me a call to determine a time that will work for both of us. 

Turn around will generally be 2 to 4 weeks.  All estimates are free.  A clock that stops running most likely needs oiling.  I am based in my home in Fort Collins, (south of Harmony, east of Lemay).

Talk to me about your clock.  If possible send me a picture or two along if you text.  I will replace battery/quartz movements!

Currently, I am not able to do house calls for grandfather clocks.


Clock Repair Fees

  • From $65 for typical mantle and wall clocks: cleaning/oiling and tune up. 
  • From $80 for Pre-1990 Cuckoo Clocks.   I do not work on the more modern ones.
  • From $80 for Anniversary or 400-day Clocks
  • All estimates are “plus parts”. 
  • There is no charge if the clock is returned to you as non-repairable

Grandfather Clock Repair .

I no longer repair/service grandfather clocks.

Please contact Philip if you wish to have a clock serviced or are interested in purchasing one of his restored clocks.

                                        Phone or text 970 217 0605.  If you text, add a photo if you can.  It helps me assess the clock!


Things said about Philip by satisfied customers:

“I knocked my 1900 German box clock off the wall & knew it was irreparable. Philip took the clock & returned it in complete repair. Philip was knowledgeable, professional, very reasonable & even made sure the clock was hung probably & working well. Remarkable!”     John S. –  July 2019

“Philip has an intimate knowledge of many antique clocks, including my Pennsylvania Grandfather’s clock built in 1790. One day it stopped working. After a careful examination, the movement was refurbished and restored to good working order. He clearly has a passion for older clocks and obviously enjoys repairing them.”     Steve G.  –   August 2016

“Philip, thank you so much for your excellent repair of our clock.  My husband, Steve, is so happy to have the clock running again and he loves hearing the same ticking sound that his grandparents did.”  Sandy B. –   October 2015

“Phillip has repaired two antique clocks for me.  I could tell that my clocks would be in good hands when I saw how carefully he took the first clock from my car to his work bench.  That’s why, later, I entrusted a two-hundred-year-old “banjo” clock to his repair. That, and the fact that the first clock kept perfect time.  So, now, does the second.”       Jeff W.  –  June 2015

“I have a very big cuckoo clock that my grandfather purchased in Germany prior to World War I.  It had been sitting in a box for a number of years and had endured shipping across the country.  The clock was in much need of repair, including the case which was in pieces.  Philip brought the clock back to life and repaired the case beautifully.  He is a craftsman who obviously takes much pride in his work.  Having the cuckoo clock in my study has rekindled many fond memories I have of listening to the hourly cuckoo as a child.  When friends see my clock and tell me they have antique clocks needing repair, I unhesitatingly refer them to Philip.”  Tom K. – September 2016