Selling My Antique Clocks

I have been a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) for 30 years and I am now selling my personal collection of antique clocks, timepieces and antiques collected over that period.  I have peripheral neuropathy which has affected my balance and ability to move heavy items.  I have decided to downsize while I can still do the repairs and oiling to maintain to them.  I prefer to sell for pick up by seller for cash, although Fort Collins Colorado is 1,000 miles plus from many population centers!.  As an NAWCC member, I will extend a greater courtesy to other NAWCC members. Many of these antique clocks are running regularly (described as GRO, Good Running Order).

The dimensions for each one are given as Ht (height), W (width) and D (depth)  I also give Dial for the chapter ring measurement.  This is to the outer edges of the chapter ring where it has been used.

If you contact me by other means than a visit to Fort Collins Colorado, I will explain the history for each item.  I can be up to date as to if it still needs an oiling or more complete work up.  I would then be happy to discount appropriately if you do your own repair work, or, finish the work and test run the clock.  Obviously, lighting plays a big role in the photographs.  The window light reflections have been minimized and the glass door opened in all cases.  The color is as close as possible but the clocks need to be seen to be fully appreciated!

Almost all the clocks are 8-day clocks and are either time only (timepieces) or are time and strike.  The approximate date of production is given for each antique clock.  This is almost always based on period styles as the manufactures did not put manufacturing dates on them.  Several are weight driven and several are English Fusee Clocks.  One, a French clock has a silk suspension.  The early fusee clocks were from an era of high quality clock manufacture in England, when, on the other hand, in the same time period, the USA was going towards mass production and making clocks very economically.  By 1900, the USA dominated the world market.

The descriptions given are to the best of my knowledge.  I am not infallible and may have made the occasional unintentional mistake.  Antiques will be listed under “Miscellaneous”.