For clock repair, call Philip at 970 224 2576

Philip will typically be able to see you the day you call or soon afterwards at your convenience!

You usually drop off your clock for service on any day of the week by appointment only.  He works from his home which is located south of Harmony and east of Lemay.  All clock repair/restoration estimates are free.  The turnaround time is generally between 3 to 6 weeks.

A clock that stops running most likely needs oiling. The standard charge starts at $60, plus parts. 

The repair rate for cuckoo clocks starts at $70 plus parts.

Anniversary (400-day) clocks always require a full overhaul at $80, plus parts.

There is no charge if the clock is returned to you as un-repairable.

Grandfather clocks require a house call.  A typical service visit of one hour, in the Fort Collins area is $140.                 

                                            Call Philip at 970 224 2576.


Philip Coggon

Philip has been perfecting his expertise in clock repair and restoration for over 32 years. He has been a resident of Fort Collins since 2000.

Philip began his journey into the field of clock repair in 1984 when he inherited his family’s English Grandfather Clock. As the clock did not work, Philip chose to learn how to repair it himself.

His area of expertise continues to be repair of pendulum clocks.

Timely Antiques Cost and Contact Information

You can CONTACT Philip by phone at 970-224-2576 (if you get voice mail, please leave a message with your name, number and reason for calling) or by email at  PCPC49 at Gmail dot com.



Does Timely Antiques make house calls?

Philip Coggon

Depending upon your location and the type of clock you have Philip will come to you.  In the case of Grandfather clocks he will make a house call.  Philip has neuropathy and will request your assistance moving the weights, pendulum and movement.   Grandfather clocks should only be moved by experienced handlers.

House calls within a 10-mile radius of Harmony and Lemay are $120 for the first hour (one hour minimum), then $60 per hour. In most cases your clock can be fully serviced in one hour.  If more than an oiling is needed, then the weights, pendulum and movement will need to go back to his workshop.  This would change the estimate to a minimum of $250.

Many antique clock owners are not familiar with the fact that clocks need to be oiled at regular intervals. You should have your clock oiled every six to eight years in order to keep it running in top condition.   Lack of regular oiling is the number one reason a clock stops working.

Does Timely Antiques repair watches?

No.  However, Philip does recommend:

In Fort Collins, CO: Precision Time Watch Repair.  Ask for:  Rodney Phillips or Kipp Lesh for your watch repair needs by calling: 970.484.6399

In Wellington, CO: Proper Time. Ask for Peter Pronko for your watch repair needs by calling: 970-568-3215.

To Summarize:

  1. Philip is a clock expert with over 30 years of experience.
  2. All estimates are free.
  3. Turnaround is typically two to three weeks.
  4. He stands behind all his work.
  5. Repairs start as low as $60.
  6. There is no charge if the clock cannot be repaired.

Contact Philip today and enjoy your clock for many years to come.

Philip also buys clocks.

Contact:  Philip Coggon: 970-224-2576 or email:  pcpc49 at gmail dot com.

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