1860 English Grand Father Clock – $1,800

1860  English Grand Father Clock

$1,800     Ht   6’ 10”   W   20”   D   10”   Dial 12 ¼”


This 8-Day, English-made antique Grand Father (tall-case) clock dated from about 1860.  It has matching brass hands of the period, a seconds hand and date ring.  It has a dial with all four corners and arched top painted with country scenes.  The wood is mixed with some oak, some mahogany and with inlay. It has a burl walnut door, swan –neck pediments and turned pillars.  It is weight driven using two cast iron weights. It strikes  the hours on a bell.   It has been fully restored, recently oiled and is in great running order.

In dating the clock, the following helped me:-

Bottom of front plate, outside: “George House. . .Nov 16, 1864”

Bottom front plate, inside:  “J. Robertson1/1/1899”.  This is probably the date of some later work.

It has an intermediate plate between movement and dial;  “Finnemore and Son”.


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