1920 American Gilbert Number 8 – $11,500 – SOLD

1920  American Gilbert Number 8   –    SOLD

 $11,500       Ht 8’ 1”   W 33”   D 13”   Dial 10 ½”


This American-made antique clock is a fine example of a bank or hotel lobby masterpiece.  It is time only, oak case with Egyptian carving suggestive of the King Tut excavation period. It has black moon hands, porcelain dial with a 13 ½” brass bezel/surround, lyre pendulum 12” diameter bob, oak, single weight driven.  There are signs of varnish on the glass, so the case may have been refinished.  However, the finish looks great to me.  One of the finials was carved to match the original.  The grooves are stained darker to make a contrast.  The clock is well maintained and as been running for me for many years. 

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