1730 Wag-on-Wall, Brass Dial – $3,250 – SOLD

1730  Very Early English Wag-on-Wall, Brass Dial

SOLD     Dial is 9 ½” sq., the chapter ring/dial is 9” diameter.


This English-made antique clock is old, 1730, and comes from the period before tall case clocks protected the hanging works. It can be dated by reference to the maker; Seymour of Wantage (England).  Specifically: John Seymour of Wantage, born 1712, died 1760 and who made lantern clocks.  This clock, or timepiece, is referred to as a hoop and spur clock which is a reference to the hanging style.  It also has a huge bell and is designed to be a time teller, on the hour, throughout the house.  It uses a count wheel and it needs to be heard for the volume to be appreciated. It has a single black, hand-cut steel hand, brass dial with silvered chapter ring, gilt center circle and brass “crown” spandrels.  It is weight driven using a lead weight.

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